Why do you need Muver?

Manage several mobile applications at once

Auto switching between apps, trips acceptance, switching online and offline

Accept only profitable trips

Auto acceptance for the most profitable and preferable trips

Work on the autopilot

When you accept a trip, Muver switches other apps offline and turns them back online when it’s completed or has been cancelled

What do drivers think about Muver?


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How can you earn extra 30% with Muver?

It's been proved by thousands of professional rideshare & delivery drivers that working with several rideshare & delivery apps at the same time increase driver's income per hour due to low needless idling and the option to choose the most profitable trips.

We have assessed over 10 000 hours of drivers' work and calculated that drivers working with 2+ rideshare & delivery apps using Muver make up to 30% more.

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The calculation is made according to middle metrics of Muver drivers working in economy class. Some results in the certain situation may differ to the higher or lower side.

How to start working with Muver?

Download the application on your smartphone
Customize Muver settings to interact with rideshare & delivery apps
Muver lets you forget about manual switching. It automatically accepts trips and switches your status when you accept or complete the trip

All Muver features unlimited

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19.99 / month
3 months
14.99 / month
12 months
9.99 / month

7-day free trial

The most popular questions

Should I install rideshare & delivery apps on my device?

Yes, you should install rideshare & delivery apps on your device. Muver doesn't substitude rideshare & delivery apps, but makes interaction with them easier.

I don't have a driver account in rideshare & delivery apps. What should I do?

You should apply to Uber and Lyft for your driver account through their official website.

What kind of smartphone do I need to use Muver?

Muver works on Android 7.0 version and higher devices

Can I use Muver for free?

Yes, you will have free trial to explore all Muver features.

Have additional questions?

Ask the Support support@muver.pro